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Re-invent Your Health-Style 

An online, personalized program to re-invent your health and make positive changes to your lifestyle

What You Get:

Online programming. Woman looking at her online fitness and health program

Exercise: Resistance, Endurance, and Mobility Workouts

Nutrition: Foundations of Nutrition, How to Log Nutrition, Grocery Checklist

Mindful Training: Learn about Attentional focus and Mind-Muscle Connection and Relaxation Techniques

Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention: Tips to prevent injury, Self - Assisted Therapy


Goal Setting: Live Goal Setting Session and Re-Evaluation

1. An Individualized Plan which includes the 5 Evidence-Based Elements to Become the Healthiest Version of You:

2. Live Assessment and Goal Setting Session

  • Passive and Active testing measures Ie: Body Circumference Measurements, Movement Analysis, Aerobic Testing, Strength Testing, Endurance Testing, Mobility Testing, Nutrition Assessment etc.

3. TrainWithAJ Blog Subscription

  • containing evidence-based research articles that are updated biweekly for additional knowledge

4. 30 min Check-in Session 1x/Week

  • Scheduled 1x/Week via ZOOM for Q&A, form checks, to update your program etc.

5. Nutrition Grocery List and Meal Plan

  • Stay on top of your nutrition needs

6. Weekly Checkpoint Tracker

  • To keep you accountable

Rate: $260 - $410+tax/month
*Call to inquire for full package details*

Beginner Friendly Option 

  • In addition to the above, it includes 3 months of Live Virtual Sessions 2x/Week at an additional cost

Rate:​ $613+tax/month

*savings of $55/mth compared to in-person sessions*

Call to inquire for full package details

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