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Re-invent Your Health-Style 

An online, personalized program to re-invent your health and make positive changes to your lifestyle

Online fitness program features - Reinvent your health-style


1. An Individualized Health and Fitness Plan

Which includes:

EXERCISE: resistance, endurance, and mobility training

NUTRITION: foundations of nutrition, how to log food, grocery checklist and sample meal plans

MINDFUL TRAINING: learn about attentional focus and mind-muscle connection and relaxation techniques

INJURY REHAB & PREVENTION: tips to prevent injury, self-assisted techniques and corrective exercises

GOAL SETTING: live goal setting and re-evaluations

2. Live Assessment & Goal Setting Session

  • Passive and Active testing ie: body composition measurements, movement analysis, strength testing, endurance testing, mobility testing, nutrition assessment

3. TrainWithAJ Blog Subscription

  • evidence-based research articles for additional health and fitness knowledge

4. 30 min Weekly Check-In

  • for Q&A, form checks, to update the program

5. Access to Fitness App

  • with easy-to-follow exercise videos, a body metric tracker, weekly goals

RATE: $260 - $410+tax/month
*Ask how to get your first month for $99!*


Mandy S

The personalized approach taken by AJ helped me to pinpoint and address my specific health goals.

Her expertise and encouragement guided me through challenges and motivated me to stay committed to my wellness journey.

The weekly check-ins were engaging and informative and left me motivated and inspired to prioritize my health for the coming week.

The program's flexibility and accessibility made it easy to integrate into my busy lifestyle as a full time working mom of 2.

I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking expert support on their wellness journey. It's a game-changer!

February 2024

Ray K, Kinesiology Graduate

Fitness client testimonial headshot

Being a Kinesiology graduate himself, Ray understands the value of having a fitness and health routine that’s consistent.

After finding work at a desk job, he joined the program to kickstart his health and fitness habits and get back into a good consistent routine. 

Ray learned new mobility techniques which helped with his strength lifts and recovery. He also learned corrective rehab techniques for his tight hips. He was particularly impressed with the ease of the app, the scientific approach and personalization of the program. 

April 2024

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