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Post-Rehab "Bridge the Gap" Program

Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and full functionality in the gym

A kinesiologist giving manual stretch therapy to her client

Has an injury been holding you back from reaching your goals at the gym?

Or perhaps you've reached a plateau in your physiotherapy rehab?

Kinesiologist applying exercise therapy to her clients program

Introducing the Post Rehab "Bridge the Gap" Program, designed to transition you from injury rehabilitation to long-term strength training.

"Her wealth of experience as well as her background in Kinesiology has helped uncover imbalances, improve my technique, and allowed me to overcome old injuries, all of which were holding me back."

- Blake, September 2022

As a Kinesiologist, my objective is to assist you in achieving full functionality or getting you performance level ready, whether that be smashing personal records at the gym or excelling in your daily routine.

"After a shoulder injury and resulting secondary elbow/wrist problems, I had difficulty making progress with the exercises prescribed to me by my physiotherapist. I signed up for training twice a week with AJ. She performed a comprehensive assessment and created a unique program for me blending my rehab exercises together with additional resistance and mobility training. She corrected my form on basic exercises I had unknowingly been doing poorly and I saw immediate changes in my functional movement. She also made insightful evidence-based recommendations to me regarding my chronic lower back pain which has made a big difference. Highly recommend AJ."

- Jazmine, October 2023

See Monica's knee and ITB pain journey:

What's Included in the Program:

1. Live Injury Assessment (In-Person or Virtual)

  • Passive and Active testing measures Ie: history of injury and exercise training, functional testing, movement analysis, strength and mobility testing

2. Movement Treatment Plan 

  • Depending on the assessment, a treatment plan will be issued consisting of specific strength, conditioning, mobility and postural exercises catered towards your injury and will be worked through in the next few sessions

  • Home exercise plan will be included

  • Manual therapy may also be given 

3. 5 - 20 Live Sessions

  • Scheduled sessions at least 1x a week going through your treatment plan together

  • Modifications will be made to progress or regress your program

  • Re-evaluations will be made to ensure you are reaching your goals

$73 - $91+tax/session for packages of 5-20 sessions

Check your Insurance Coverage for Registered Kinesiologist care!

Kinesiology services are covered or reimbursed by some extended health benefit programs.

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