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A.J. Orprecio
R.Kin, BSc Kinesiology and Health Science

AJ is a licensed Kinesiologist (R.KIN) and a member of the Ontario Kinesiologist Association (OKA). She completed her Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology and Health Science at York University. 

Her clinical experience as a Kinesiologist and Physiotherapy Assistant consisted of working with patients with orthopaedic injuries, elderly clients, and mothers. Her fitness experience as a personal trainer, group exercise specialist, and dance instructor consisted of training athletes, children, and the general public.

She was hired as thKinesiologist involved in the work of a lab study done at McMaster University in 2021-2022, which main goal was to determine how whole-body physical exercise effects swallowing function in patients with dementia. It is still in the process of being published.

AJ is a retired competitive dancer and a lover of all movement. She currently enjoys strength training, hiking, bouldering, and leisurely dancing.

AJ's aims to spread awareness about the importance of comprehensive health strategies to everyone that she can. She hopes to teach people that anyone can thrive and live their healthiest with the right guidance.

Health professional kinesiologist

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