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Meet AJ

Registered Kinesiologist (R.KIN)

Certified Personal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dance Instructor

Hey! My name is AJ Orprecio. I'm a lover of all movement, a retired dancer, and have a passion for helping people reach their best potential.

Educational Background:

I've graduated with a BSc. in Kinesiology, obtained my license as a Registered Kinesiologist (R.KIN), and I am a member of the Ontario Kinesiologist Association (OKA). I am also a Certified Personal Training Specialist accredited by CanFit Pro (Canadian Fitness Professionals).

I've worked as a Kinesiologist and Physiotherapist Assistant at a number of clinics, a Strength and Conditioning Instructor at a Performance gym, Dance Instructor at multiple dance studios, as well as a Personal Trainer.


My Vision

My goal is to help you empower yourself through movement.

I want you to train like an athlete - even if you aren't one.

I want to push you in a way that's challenging, but safe and effective.

Join me on a journey to the best version of yourself!

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