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Kinesiologist Instructed Coaching and Personal Training

Kinesiologist Led, Evidence-Based Approach to Health and Fitness Training

Personal training by a kinesiologist. Woman doing strength training with her personal trainer.


5 Evidence-based actions to become thehealthiest verson of you
Strength training for women. Woman learning how to squat using kettlebell weight.

1) Follow a Resistance, Endurance & Mobility Program

Whole food meal for better nutrition

2) Measure your Nutrition

Mindful Movement. Learning Mind to Muscle connection

3) Practice Mindful Movements

Injury and rehabilitation

4) Learn about Injury Rehab and Prevention

Goal setting for personal training

5) Proper Goal Setting

5 Evidence-Based Actions to Become the Healthiest Verison of You:

Injury Rehabilitation "Bridge The Gap" Program

Kinesiologist applying manual stretching to her client

Has an injury been holding you back from reaching your goals at the gym?

Or perhaps you've reached a plateau in your physiotherapy rehab?

My goal as a Kinesiologist is to bridge the gap between injury rehab and long term strength training. I want you to go from rehab exercises to being fully functional whether that means hitting PR’s in the gym or excelling in your daily routine.

What is a Kinesiologist?

A Kinesiologist is a Registered health professional that is certified in assessing the movement, performance and rehabilitation of the human body. Kinesiologists are also permitted to implement general nutritional counselling and health and wellness advice to their practice.

(College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, 2014).


Kinesiologist and Personal trainer
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