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Rates & Schedule


Strength and Conditioning Class​es

SATURDAYS at 11am (Virtual)

TUESDAYS at 5pm (Virtual)

TUESDAYS at 7pm (Senior's Class)


Coming soon...

Get ready to sweat and feel good from the comfort of your own home!

Get your strength, cardio, and mobility training in less than an hour on a Zoom call.

The good thing about these workouts is that although it's challenging, you're able to go at your own pace and work to your full potential. You'll never feel bored or like you're falling behind.


Single Class: $15

5 Class Pass: $60 (save $15)

10 Class Pass: $100 (save $50)

Intense Training

Personal Training

In Home/Zoom Call

Scheduled Sessions

1-on-1 sessions that combine strength, mobility, and endurance at your home or through Zoom call.

Get personalized workouts tailored to your schedule, goals, and level. Improve your form and get in-depth explanations of the exercises.

Free Initial Assessment (ie: body composition, movement screening etc.) as well as nutrition advice and accountability are always included. 

Get the most out of every workout! 


Rates vary. Message for rates

and packages below.

Fitness Equipments

Personalized Online Programs

Upon Request 

A perfect option for if you want more independence exercising, but need a workout plan. Every program is completely personalized and unique. Choose between: full body, upper body, lower body, strength, body toning, functional movement, or custom programs. Ask about form checks: Zoom sessions dedicated to analyzing your form, and to answer any questions you may have.


Single Program: $25

Message for packages with multiple

programs below.


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