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Kinesiologist Coaching Program

A Complete, Personalized Program to Be the Best Version of Yourself

What You Get:

Online programming. Woman looking at her online fitness and health program

Exercise: Resistance, Endurance, and Mobility Workouts

Nutrition: Foundations of Nutrition, Proper Logging, Grocery Checklist

Mindfulness: Breathing Techniques, Posture and Mind-Muscle Connection, Self-Assisted Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention

Healthy Habits & Self Regulation: Sleep Routine, Improve Work Productivity, Increase Energy


Goal Setting: Live Goal Setting Session and Re-Evaluation

1. An Individualized Plan: which includes the 5 Evidence-Based Elements to Re-Engineer Your Lifestyle:

In home personal training for females. Woman doing a push up.

2. Live Assessment (Virtual/In-Person)

  • Passive and Active testing measures Ie: Body Circumference Measurements, Movement Analysis, Aerobic Testing, Strength Testing, Endurance Testing, Mobility Testing, Nutrition Assessment etc.

3. Access to Support & Questions 

  • Via text message or email, ranges from full access to limited access depending on package 

4. Video Form Checks 1-4x/Month

  • Submitted by the Friday, will be reviewed and feedback given by the next week

5. Optional In-Person Sessions

  • At an additional charge of $70+tax/session

Note: Prior to signing up, you must book a Discovery Call (using the button) below.

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